If you love books and all things book-related, I extend a warm welcome to our cozy little space.

Here we celebrate books. We surround ourselves with the comforting presence of books. We look for quiet nooks in which to escape. We reminisce about the books that changed our lives, expanded our outlook, made us feel deeply. We feel awkwardly out of sorts if we haven’t got a book nearby. When we talk about books we use words like savor, devour, treasure. We revel in books.

A true reader reads all sorts of books. Some would say the term ‘literaturist’ is more accurate. We read for the sake of reading. Confining oneself to a genre is like limiting one’s diet to a regional cuisine. There is so much more to be experienced and learned by reading different kinds of books – different topics, styles of writing, perspectives on this vast fantastic adventure of life and how we each choose to live it. Here, we reserve judgment on whether a book is “worthy” of reading (the first of my shameless admissions: Fifty Shades of Gray – all three books) as there is value to be found in all sorts of writing, whether we are learning something new, enjoying beautiful prose, or just reading a good story (even if the writing is crap, at least we can say with confidence that we can recognize crap writing). The act of reading allows us to escape the present and engage our minds no matter the subject. No I-only-read-non-fiction snobbery please.

The power of the written word within bound pages is evident. Things written centuries ago influence our lives today. The role books have played in history and their evolution (or lack thereof) is fascinating lore. We’ll delve into this, along with other book-related items of interest.

There will be no book reviews on this site. There are more than enough reviews out there and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered reading them anyway. If you’re interested in seeing what I’m reading, join me on Goodreads or have a peek at My Bookshelf.

While I see the value of social media in certain arenas of life, I will not attempt to assault your senses electronically. It is becoming ever more difficult to escape in our modern lives and frankly, I’d rather be reading than tweeting.

That sums it up. If you’re still with me, I welcome you as a kindred spirit.