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Librarians are AWESOME

So I recently moved to a new town, and have been so impressed by the library.

It just has a good feel. Warm and welcoming. I attribute this largely to the staff, who seem to be relaxed, smiling, and happy to chat. You would think all libraries are like this, full of people who love books and are happy just to be surrounded by them. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I have been to libraries where you feel the staff’s stress, apprehension at what you’re going to ask them, eyeing you up to see if you’re only here to use the restroom or hog a public computer for the whole afternoon. Sad but true.

Check out the hijinks the librarians have gotten up to here in Invercargill:


I have to say, I saw this on Facebook before I moved here and thought it was so good!

Now I am proud to have this image featured on MY LIBRARY CARD. It’s so great.

Check out their May the Fourth video. These librarians have a great sense of humour, and possibly the best jobs ever.

Anyone else have awesome librarians?


I’d Rather Be in This Treehouse

found at

Cozy, quiet, pile of books and tea. And a dog. 

Bookshelf in Stairs

As a kid I was fascinated with stairs (and books, obviously). I guess they raised my curiosity, always seeming to lead to a mysterious place. The house I grew up in had three sets of stairs and I clearly remember falling down each of them. My dad tells me that when we first went to look at the house to possibly purchase it, I was all of a year old and I headed directly for the stairs. When I came across this design for a bookshelf combined with stairs it caught my imagination. I envision it filled with books, and at the top a cozy cushioned nook in which to disappear for hours.


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