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America’s Reading Habits

While idly browsing Pinterest, a venture that presents the risk of disappearing down a rabbit hole of randomness, I came across this infographic regarding America’s reading habits.

America's Reading Habits infographic from H&R Block
America’s Reading Habits infographic from H&R Block

I discovered that I read far more books than the average person; I suppose it shouldn’t have been that surprising, but I couldn’t help but think who are the people only reading 1-2 books in a whole year!? I’m currently on book #28 this year (having set a Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 books for 2015, and currently slogging through the 800+ pages of The Luminaries). When selecting books to read I weigh how worthy of my time they might be, as I’m afraid there aren’t enough days in a lifetime to get through my To Read list; how much more agonizing would the decision be if you were only reading 1-2 a year? I hope these people have chosen well, though logically if they had read excellent books one would presume they would be spurred on to consume more than 1-2 in a whole entire year.

Briefly I’ll mention my dismay at how much of the book market is dominated by Amazon. Look at the number of books sold in the U.S. in 2013 (2,590,000,000 – a cheering number in itself – yay, people are reading!) and then look at the number of independent bookstores (1,917). Imagine for a moment the faces of independent bookstore owners if all of those 2 billion+ books had been bought in their stores.

Where do you find yourself stacking up? Please share your own insights in the comments.


Why Your Attention Span Is A Great Excuse For Someone Else’s Failure

Found this on Freshly Pressed, truly enjoyed reading this post and others on Tara’s blog. Her writing style is catchy with humorous overtones and has inspired me as I slowly get this little blog starting to roll.

Tara Sparling writes

I wasn’t well last week, and ended up feeling dreadfully sorry for myself. Now, there’s nothing on earth can feel quite as sorry for itself as an Irish woman, so it can get quite dark. Anyhoo, as I lay prostrate, bemoaning the state of both my health and my immediate prospects, my lamentations eventually began to transfer themselves to the world outside as well.

And it’s a dark world, lads and lassies. Society is broken. Rent asunder by social media, reality television, celebrity gossip and cat memes. As a race, we have developed the attention span of a hungover goldfish. We can’t concentrate on anything longer than a Buzzfeed article called 21 Things Only People Who Wore Purple Underpants In 1991 Will Understand. And nobody reads full novels anymore.

My last post on e-book reading statistics – the fact that we now have access to better statistics not only on what books people are buying…

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