I’ve become obsessed with making notebooks and had to save this simple set of instructions for making a notebook out of a sheet of paper. I foresee these small books filled with short stories, inspirational quotes, lists, or made as last-minute gifts. Words, art, paper crafts – three of my favorite things!

Handmades and Hardware

I’ve had a longtime Moleskine addiction, evidenced by the notebooks of all shapes, sizes and colors teetering atop piles and peeking out of drawers throughout my apartment. (As I write this, I can see seven–stacked, of course, in rainbow order–in my direct line of sight.)

I just can’t help it. I always need another one.

It’s hard to say exactly where the attraction lies, but  there’s something almost romantic about a fresh Moleskine: the endless possibility of empty pages ready for notes and nonsense. But at $12.95+ a pop, my Moleskine mayhem was breaking the bank.

And those who want, but can’t afford – MAKE! (or something…)

Enter SF Center for the Book! For $65, you’ll learn bookbinding basics and take home a 5 volume set of your very own baby books. Since Monday’s class, armed with a copy of Esther Smith’s How to Make Books, (available at the SFPL or Green…

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