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How to Open a Book

I have a very specific memory of my eighth grade History teacher becoming angry as we opened our new textbooks. I remember his booming voice saying “By God hasn’t anyone taught you how to open a book?!” We thought he was nuts, what did he mean teach us how to open a book? He then demonstrated the above method and said, “That is how you open a book! Now back to the lesson!”

I still think of him when I open a new book and gently ease the binding. I think he would appreciate the anecdote included in these instructions, how the book was ‘violently opened.’ I might not remember too much of the history I learned but I will always remember how to properly open a book.


Bookish humor fromĀ The Awkward Yeti

awkward yeti

hot drink plus book equals happiness
It doesn’t take much to make a book lover happy.

Reading Together

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I’d Rather Be in This Treehouse

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Cozy, quiet, pile of books and tea. And a dog. 

“Missed Connection”

You know that feeling when you see someone reading the same book as you, and you know without speaking that you have something in common?
There should be a word for that.

“Missed Connection” by Adrian Tomine

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